Way to Work, Yaksudong, Seoul 2008 - 2013 

In fact, I never thought of walking from home to work. When I studied at Washington University in St. Louis, I suddenly wanted to feel the natural environment while preparing reports in the dormitory.

I wondered what it would be like to walk to work enjoying nature and immediately created a Naver blog titled "On the way to work" to organize photos with some memories.

As soon as I returned to Seoul, I recalled the memories of WASHU and began to slowly walk a short route. However, the weather was a mandatory option and the habit of walking to work was not easily implemented and is an easy excuse to skip it for several months.

In the case of drinking the night before, I created another reason to skip a walk. If I didn't get enough sleep, I would use another excuse not to walk. However, I got used to walking to work and it first took about 30 minutes, it grew to an hour and then to an hour and a half.

At first, I put my heavy DSLR camera in my bag and switched to a digital camera that could take pictures easily.

Looking back, the commute to work was not always pleasant. It was raining or it was snowing, or it was too hot and too cold. If I walked too much I would tire easily before going to the office.

However, walking to the top of Mt. Namsan on the way to work has become a daily routine and it has become easier to cycle or climb the mountain on weekends.

Finally, I lost weight and it could not have been better than this as I am able to take pictures on the way to work which has become a new routine in everyday life and it has become the subject of my fourth solo exhibition.

Way to Work, Yaksudong , Seoul, June 2013